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Ollin Strategies is a full-service public affairs firm with deep relationships in California’s state capitol.
With an unparalleled dedication to adding value to its clients, Ollin Strategies helps top-flight public and
private sector clients navigate the ever-shifting political and policy landscape that defines the legislative, executive and regulatory domains of Sacramento.

Ultimately, our goal is to not offer advice and counsel from the sidelines. Our approach is to integrate
ourselves into your team and provide you the tools to develop and execute your public affairs goals.
In short, we are all-in through our insight and counsel you will be able to understand and navigate the
complex policymaking landscape while we consistently strive to position to capitalize on the next
opportunity or defend against the next battle.


Ollin Strategies is driven by the singular desire to add value to its clients. To this end, we will strive to do
more than the basics of “servicing the client,” a phrase that is ubiquitous in the world of Sacramento
government consulting.

Maintaining constant contact with legislative, administration, and agency staff working on issues of
relevance to the client is “the basics.” Having a seat at the table when stakeholder groups meet on
issues of importance to the client is “the basics.” And apprising the client of these contacts through
frequent memoranda, phone calls, and electronic communications is “the basics.” While Ollin Strategies
regards these activities as important, the truth is any one of the dozens of Sacramento consulting firms,
including Ollin Strategies, can accomplish these tasks with ease.

What sets Ollin Strategies apart from other Sacramento firms is that we pride ourselves on
collaboratively working with clients to be innovative and think outside the box. When appropriate, this
will mean suggesting a course of action that has never been attempted by the client, but that Ollin
Strategies have concluded will lead to a positive outcome. Other firms in Sacramento could do this, but
rarely do because it is time-intensive and difficult.

It is much easier to wait for the client to provide direction on what it needs in
Sacramento. Ollin Strategies’ competitive advantage is that we will not wait for the
client to call us before we pick up the phone and pitch them on how to approach an issue.

At Ollin Strategies, we firmly believe that through concerted research, scenario modeling and a
willingness to be different, we can develop solutions that are innovative and add true value to the client.

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